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Success Examples

Your 411 & Your 911

Your 411 when you need financial information and your 911 when a financial emergency arises – and we will coordinate with other experts to ensure you receive the best results. To best illustrate this, here are some examples* of situations we helped facilitate:


A client had to enter a nursing facility and her son was concerned with how they were going to pay for it. We structured a plan with her liquid assets to cover her expenses over a five-year period and coordinated a plan with an estate-planning attorney to protect her remaining assets.

After the passing of her husband, the spouse was overwhelmed with the details of how to move on. We took an active approach in coordinating the transfer of assets, reviewing her budget and structuring a plan to cover her shortfalls. In addition, since the client was burdened with three mortgages, we help facilitate the sale of one property and worked with a management company to rent or sell the second.

One of our clients decided that he wanted to retire after 40 year of being in business. With the help of his CPA, we determined an appropriate income level to meet the client’s wants and needs, and reversed engineered an amount the client needed to net from the sale. We also provided guidance as to how to determine a proper valuation of the business and put the client in touch with other professionals who helped in this process.

Another received an IRS notice on an oversight on their payroll taxes. We put the client in touch with an Enrolled Agent, who has demonstrated technical competence in the field of taxation, who worked with the IRS to develop a settlement, and we monitored the progress for the client.

We also had a client who wanted to purchase some land, but had no idea how to go about financing it. We researched some options, and when we learned that their parents had received a large windfall, we proposed a family financing option. We worked with the parent's CPA to develop this "family bank" which provided a low cost loan to the clients and an income stream to the parents and well as other tax and debt forgiveness incentives.


*These examples are for illustrative purposes only.
Summit Brokerage Services, Inc., its affiliates and DiFrancesco Financial Concierge do not give tax or legal advice. You should consult an experienced professional regarding the tax consequences of a specific transaction.